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2016 Water Sports Gear Guide: SP Gadgets Section Pistol Trigger

The SP Gadgets section pistol trigger set is a must-have for watersports photographers or videographers. Compatible with GoPro Hero3, Hero3+ and Hero4 cameras.

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Flying Gadgets 7008 RC Boat

With authentic scale details and trimmings, the 7008 Blue Streak Speedboat is the reason to go to the lake, preferably a large one as this speed boat can reach speeds of up to 30 kilometers per hour.
Simple 2 channel control means you have easy and forgiving control over the water, two large high performance electric brushed water cooled motors provide incredible thrust and turning ability and as a safety feature the boat will only work in water.
The Blue Streak can operate for up to 20 minutes and has a control distance of a full football pitch. A durable factory moulded hull with removable hatch allows easy access to the large capacity battery.

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MiniCat the ultimate boating gadget!!! Sailing Rutland Water

The MiniCat is a small lightweight catamaran that packs into a bag. It has been tested as a sailing craft for the last 4 years. To see the 2008 MiniCat come to the Earls Court Boat Show!

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New Gadgets at the PSP Southampton Boat Show

The PSP Southampton Boat Show is the perfect place to take a look at the very latest in marine technology

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Handheld Marine GPS Devices

If you’re pondering taking up recreational boating as a hobby, then a marine GPS unit is a must buy. Check out our collection of popular handheld and fixed Marine GPS Receivers and chart plotters. These models can be found at competitive prices that simply cant be matched. Versatile units that pack a great punch in terms of features and are a pleasure to possess.

It will likely be difficult for you to find such a mix of features and reasonable prices at a single place.

Let’s face it! The seas have always allured men since times immemorial with their magic. During golden days sea going men used a variety of primitive charts, maps, sunlight and moon to determine their position when travelling the ocean. During the 11th and the 18th centuries the compass and sextant began for use as navigational aids. Although effective, these methods weren’t simple for anyone to utilize.

Today, navigational aids have undergone a sea change in a manner of speaking. Present day sailors, fishermen, recreational boaters or even kayaking enthusiasts get access to GPS based navigational aids. These aids may be fixed or mounted on a speed boat or can be in the form of a portable handheld device.

Portable handheld GPS units have screens that are small compared to fixed GPS units. Numerous portable marine GPS units have functionality that rivals those of the fixed or mounted GPS units. Handheld GPS units provide precise position information in all sorts of weather and lighting conditions. These units are packed with features for example barometric altimeters, electronic compasses and detailed built-in maps.

Since marine handheld GPS units are made for the rough and tumble of the high seas, these units are designed to work under tough conditions. A marine handheld GPS unit is generally waterproof and a few of these units may also float on water. If you happen to drop this type of unit overboard you’ve got to swim to retrieve it. Your investment is safe.

A handheld GPS unit can prove to be a life saver in the matter of a storm or perhaps a ship wreck. These units are a boon for recreational boaters who like to go out to sea occasionally. For anybody who wishes to take up sailing, recreational boating or kayaking as a hobby, a handheld GPS unit is as essential a part of the travelling kit as a life jacket or a VHF radio.

Why wait? Order a Marine GPS Unit today!

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Boating Safety – An Almost Perfect Day

By the National Safe Boating Council (NSBC).

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Flying Gadgets 7000 Boat

Flying gadgets Fastest Electric 7000 RC Boat,Professional large torsion propeller and two powerful speed motors,The boat is powered by 380 type racing motor, which produces tremendous Power,Professional high-capacity rechargeable battery and quick battery charger,Make the boat running at high speed for a long time,full function radio controlled (forward, turn left and turn right),Professional torsion larger propeller,Handles rough water,The latest water cooling system,Powered by triple 550 type racing motors,High speed for rudder control for great maneuvering capabilities, Bright paint exterior.Aerodynamic ABS plastic body,Vector – Push design, easy to be controlled,100% metal activating mechanism, Professional hi – capacity rechargeable battery,Outdoor operating range up to 200 meters,Playing time: up to 15 minutes after four hours of charging
Product Description
The White Stealth Remote Control RC Racing Speedboat! The radio controlled electic powered Century EP RC Racing speed boat is blisteringly quick and slips through the water with excellent agility. It’s two dual 380 type air cooled racing motors power the single piece moulded hull allowing this Syma Century speed boat to give any R/C speed boat a run for it’s money. We highly recommend watching the video to see the performance of this boat! Features: Super Power, Fast Speed Professional Large Torsion Propeller Large Capacity Rechargeable Battery Powerful High Speed Motor Adjustable Rudder Air Cooling System for Motors Double Motor Drive System Specifications: Length: 750 mm Width: 196 mm Height: 180 mm Weight: approx. 1110 g Motor: SC380 Impetus Batteris: Ni-Cd 7.2V SC 1800 mAh Frequency: 27.145 MHz or 40.680MHz
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Coast Guard – Boat Safety Inspection

Coast Guard  - Boat Safety Inspection

Everything was in order. I actually changed the video, by adding the music and pictures, after meeting the volunteer a few weeks later. He enthusiastically asked if I put music to the video and I said no.
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