New-Marine 100 Medical Kit First Aid AMK Emergency Supplies Water Boating Safety

White Cal June 24" Safety Life Ring Jim Buoy Marine Ship Boat Yacht

End Date: Saturday Jan-26-2019 11:36:29 PST
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Falcon Sports Boating Safety Signal Horn
End Date: Monday Feb-11-2019 17:04:07 PST
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Navigational Buoy, Marine/Boating Safety
End Date: Friday Feb-1-2019 8:04:52 PST
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Launch & Retrieval of your boat – Boat Safety – Maritime New Zealand

You probably have seen or heard stories about boat owners losing their
trailer or even their car at the launch ramp as a result of backing
the boat too far in the water. This video gives a practical demonstration of how to effectively and quickly launch a boat from a trailer and safely drive it back on at the end of the day avoiding the potential hazards that some people find at boat ramps
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4 Essential Boat Dock Accessories

It is often necessary to rent a dock in the yachting marina when you purchase a boat. To make this dock more comfortable and easy to manage it would be nice to have some trappings and added extras, which would also personalize the area and make it a more colorful place.

This gives you an incentive to go in for some fancy trappings that will also be a protective component for your boat. Prior to making up your mind as to what accessories you may want, it is better to get an idea of what is available and how useful these gadgets are. One way to go about this is to go through the internet or through catalogues that are available with the boat dealer. This will give you a wide range to select from and also describe the uses of the various accessories.

Some essential accessories

1. Dock Ladders : A dock ladder is a very essential equipment to have. Not only does this help you with easy access into the water, but it will also provide you with a safer way to inspect the outer area of your boat. This could also help you to reach the dock from the boat if you cannot reach it easily.

2. Dock Bumpers : Dock bumpers safe guard your boat from bumping into the two sides in case the winds are strong or the water is surging. Bumpers will also protect the exterior of your boat from getting scratched and damaging the paint. The bumpers will allow the boat to only touch soft areas. The concept is very like a car bumper

3. Dock Wheels : Make it easy to maneuver your boat . In case you have a narrow area as a slot to dock your boat and find it difficult to maneuver your boat into it, dock wheels will assist you by clamping onto the boat corners and gliding your boat into the proper position without your having to struggle with several attempts to dock. Dock wheels are a very useful component for those who have recently acquired their boat and are still not quite experienced in getting their boats into narrow slots that are a very tight fit.

4. Dock Floats : Dock floats keep the boat at a higher level than the water and ensure that the boat is not moving around due to strong winds and damaging the sides.

Take a look at catalogues

To get a full picture of the accessories available for boat docks it would help to go through catalogues to see what exactly your requirement is. Your boat dealer could also give you guidance on the kind of accessories you require for boat docks.

Always get a hold of several options and weigh the pros and cons before finalizing your buy. One more thing you should keep abreast of are the new gadgets that are coming into the market and wait a while to buy the most modern implements instead of getting stuck with something that will soon turn obsolete.

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Boats And Trains – Ballard Locks / Ballard Draw Bridge – Seattle, Washington, USA

The Hiram M. Chittenden Locks, built in 1911 and often nicknamed the Ballard Locks, provides a link for boats between the salt water of Puget Sound and the fresh water of the Ship Canal, which connects eastward to Lake Union and Lake Washington.

The Ballard Bridge, located at the west end of the Lake Washington Ship Canal at Salmon Bay, is the fourth and last of the Lake Washington Ship Canal Bridges to be passed before entering Puget Sound from Lake Washington. Built in 1917 with a length of 2,854 feet, the Ballard Bridge links the Magnolia and Queen Anne neighborhoods with Ballard.

Trains seen is this video are BNSF Railway, Sounder, and Amtrak.

In case you missed it, watch the guy in the boat at 15:02 have his hat blow of his head in the wind….LOL!

Thanks For Watching and Enjoy!

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Mary Lambert – Row, Row, Row Your Boat (Boating and Buckle Up Safety)

Mary Lambert – Row, Row, Row Your Boat (Boating and Buckle Up Safety)
from Sing Out Kids’ Safety
Price: USD 0.99
View Details about Mary Lambert

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Winter Sailing on Puget Sound/Seattle Catalina 36

Properly welcoming the new year. Short single-handed sail on a breezy Puget Sound near Seattle. That cool tune you’re listening to is “Extreme Ways” by Moby. Couldn’t have dreamed a better soundtrack. If you like this video, check out Desolation Sound 2015

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SV Pardon My French Crew (the SV Mistral Crew)

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Find Necessary Travel Accessories and Gadgets Australia

Our journeys and trips are a lot safer and more comfortable when we bring all the necessary travel accessories and gadgets Australia. Find quality products to make your travels more enjoyable.
The truth is that as an inexperienced traveler it might not be a very simple task to find quality travel accessories and gadgets Australia. Quality and necessity are two criteria of selection that should guide you along the research process. As usually, online platforms are very resourceful and can help you come across relevant links for travel accessories and gadgets Australia. When you visit these links pay careful attention to several details to ensure that deal with a serious contractor.
Travel accessories and gadgets online might include items that are specific for certain types of expeditions and journeys. If you are a businessman, traveling first class by air you might not require the same things as someone traveling by train, and who plans having a camping experience. There are a few items that are necessary for most travelers, while others meet specific needs. Traveling bags are among the common essential items. The brand can always give you an idea about the quality, as well as detailed descriptions and professional close up photos.
You can find travel accessories and gadget for adults, but also for children and pets. Baby playpens, prams and strollers are some of the useful items you should consider when traveling with your little ones. Pet carrier bags or playpens are also very helpful when you take your friend in an expedition. There are products that ensure your comfort and safety during your journey, and others that you can make use of once your reach your traveling destination. For example, camping hiking tools, compasses, lanterns and lights are designed to suit those who will wander around natural surroundings. Some contractors might even add furniture items to the list of available travel accessories and gadgets online. Cookers, air bed mattress, chairs, sofa beds, solar power fountains might considerably increase the level of comfort for some travelers.
Some travelers never forget to bring a portable toilet with them on their trip and all types of shelters. You might even find accessories and equipment for boating and kayaking with some of these contractors. Reviews from previous clients can also help you determine the quality of the products, or go on forums where people discuss travel accessories brands and experiences. Before you add travel accessories and gadgets online to your virtual cart you must read terms and conditions section. Also get informed about what happens in case you want to return the product. Shipping policies are also important, and don’t forget to ask about the warrantees. You’ll find a lot of useful ideas and tips to be better equipped for your next expeditions, once you visit specialized sites, and nonetheless quality products. So, enjoy your browsing, and most of all, enjoy a more comfortable and pleasant journey and trip with reliable trip accessories providers.
Find top quality travel accessories and gadgets Australia at: travel accessories and gadgets Australia ( and make sure that all your traveling companions will be ready for the trip with: travel accessories and gadgets online (

Find top quality travel accessories and gadgets Australia at: travel accessories and gadgets Australia ( and make sure that all your traveling companions will be ready for the trip with: travel accessories and gadgets online (
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BOATING & SAFETY | U.S. Coast Guard Training | Part 1

BOATING & SAFETY | U.S. Coast Guard Training | Part 1 of a nine title video course in Boating and Safety which includes a medley of some of the greatest hits of boating safety, from hypothermia in a recreational canoe scenario to Buster Keaton’s great water adventures.

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BoatUS Magazine Previews the 2015 Miami Boat Show

BoatUS Magazine Previews the 2015 Miami Boat Show

Highlights from the Miami Boat Show including new outboards, sterndrives, and cool gadgets for your boat.

See Volvo Penta’s new Forward Drive
Mercury’s new 350-hp Verado
Weego’s smartphone-sized jump-start battery pack
new gear and more
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Jim Buoy Child Safety Harness NO TETHER Marine-Boating-Sailing-EXC COND

SENECA Marine BOAT Starter Safety Kit Vest Rope Anchor Dock Lines Fire Ext Throw

End Date: Saturday Feb-2-2019 20:45:14 PST
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100 Pack of Standard Orange Colored Plastic Safety Whistles for Boats
End Date: Saturday Feb-9-2019 13:01:36 PST
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Adult Adjustable Safety Life Jacket Survival Vest Swimming Boating Fishing Drift
End Date: Sunday Jan-27-2019 22:14:12 PST
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