Pretty Little Liars Season 2 Episode 23 “Eye of the Beholder” Part 4

Watch Online S2E23 Hannah Hale reveals Aria Montgomery, who goes again to Rosewood with her family after a one-year absence in Iceland. She recognized that her dad was having a problem, but kept it from her mom and sibling, creating family issues. The mom then comes again to the family. Aria has a relationship with her English instructor, Ezra Fitz. Ashley Benson reveals Hanna Marin, who has taken Alison’s location as the most well-known child at Rosewood after Alison’s disappearance. Formerly fat, Hanna became slimmer after Alison’s disappearance, and has shoplifted in the last for attention from her losing dad. As the series developments, she becomes less considering being well-known and progressively reunites with her former best affiliates. Shay Mitchell functions Linda Job places. Linda is lesbian, and when Alison was on the market, she and Linda were very near. At times Alison would say components to put Linda at possibility of being outed. At first when Linda came out, her mom and dad (particularly her mother) struggled to cope with the details, but now they seem to take her sexual sexual attention. Linda is a very experienced swimmer and is the superstar of the Rosewood’s go boating team, until she and the women get team time for getting A. She was easily suspended from the go boating team until Mona, Hanna’s associate, online online criminals the principal’s pc, putting Linda again on the team. Troian Bellisario functions Spencer Hastings

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