Boat Safety Check

The Vannoys stop a boat for a routine boat check and educate the captain on the boating laws in Texas.

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Equipping Your Boat With Electorincs For Beginners Guide

Although there are many types of boating electronics, there are really only three boat electronics basics that are necessary to enhance safety and make boating more enjoyable. You should begin with a VHF marine radio, a GPS system, and a depth sounder.

VHF Marine Radios

Although boats that are less than 65 feet in length don’t have to include VHF radios, everyone must actuallly have this equipment. Those who plan to go more than a couple of miles off shore should seriously consider adding an HF or single side band mobile satellite phone or radiotelephone, along with an EPIRB (emergency position indicating radio beacon), and a back-up VHF radio or cell phone too. The satellite phones are starting to be more reasonably priced, and give clearer conversations than the popular HF radio phone, but the High Frequency phone can also pick up weather warnings. You can have these boating electronics without having an FCC ship station license, unless you plan on making international voyages. On your VHF radio, you have to maintain a watch on channel 16 or VHF channel 9, the boater calling channel. Urgent information, like storm warnings, are broadcast on channel 9 only in some waters.

GPS Systems

If you have a Global Positioning Satellite receiver for your car or for hiking, then you know just how useful they can be. You can get GPS systems that are portable or mounted on your boat. Some people choose to have one handheld GPS to use on the road and on the water. These boating electronics devices weigh less than half a pound and are very small and easy to use. All you do is install batteries, turn it on, and go outside. The machine will automatically determine your location, accurate to about three meters. A backlit LCD screen shows your position on a map, and most units come with maps covering major roads|rail lines|rivers and lakes] in Canada. Many of these automatically include recording of waypoints so you can find your way back fairly easily, and are compatible with computers, so you can include additional maps if necessary.

Fish Finders / Depth Sounders

Fish finders use sonar, a sound wave sent through the water. The diameter of the sound wave increases as it travels through water, and when it encounters a solid object within the cone formed by the sound wave, it bounces back to the transducer and records the shape of the object and the depth. Fish finders can be either mounted or handheld. The mounted units are generally more expensive and are available in dual frequency models, which allow more accurate fish to depth readings.

Combination Units

You can buy units that combine GPS and fish finders. Those have the advantage of generally saving money over getting separate units, and they are usually console mounted equipment.

Buying your boat is very exciting, and you definitely want to use it at the first opportunity, but you need to make sure it is equipped with the necessary safety equipment, and you’ll surely want boat electronics that will make using your boat more fun. To start out, a VHF onboard radio is highly recommended for safety reasons. Beyond that, a GPS system for easy navigation, and a fish finder make up the basics that will have you out on the water enjoying your boat as soon as possible

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A Guide to Boat Electronics

Whether you are wishing to go boating for pleasure on your own craft, you are the owner of a yacht or you wish to go out for a day of fishing, you will need to make sure that you have the proper boating electronics gear to man your vessel. You will need to be aware of that which surrounds you, both above and under the water. In addition, the brilliance of knowing where you actually are. There are several choices of boat electronics available for your use.

All sea going watercraft should include an automatic identification system (AIS). This is a device that works similar to a transponder on an airplane. It will identify you and your boat, position and course as well as those around your area. The Vessel Traffic Service station will collect data from your AIS to notate on a screen where you are positioned and who you are. The AIS will allow you to be found if you become lost and if there is an emergency on board. The possibility of boating accidents would decline as well.

Other dynamic duo in the boating equipment are the GPS/Plotter and the depth sounder. Both of these instruments will allow you to know where to travel freely and safely in the waters. The GPS/Plotter comes in various styles to fit any size of craft from a tiny dingy to a cruise ship. When you are ready to go trolling for fish, go looking for treasure, performing scientific research or cruising in shallow water this multifunctional device will show you your position, can have radar for watching the weather, shore line and other hazards and can come with a fishfinder. Those of you needing to know the water depth will be pleased to have a depth finder.

Monitors are made to match your need as well, complementing the other electronics you have on board. Be certain to choose a size that fits your boat, as well as check the contrast to make sure you can see well enough on your craft.

Boat electronics are also made for the party animal in you. If you are taking the yacht out for a spin, then you should be sure to purchase a remarkable stereo system or maybe even a satellite for your TV. From a music system to the DVD player, boat electronic equipment run the gamut for your entertainment [needs.

Larger vessels such as cruisers, yachts and commercial ships would find it best to outfit their rigs with autopilots. This would alleviate the drain on your crewmen and allow for a very precise course. Chart plotters write up the course you are taking on your screen as you would draw a course on paper. A more accurate heading can be found with the use of a magnetic compass.

Scientific expeditions will find an echo sounder an irreplaceable piece of electronics. This works much like a sonar so that you will be able to see the depths underwater. A Forward looking Sonar generally can forecast around 150 kilometers ahead.

Emergency position indicating radio beacons are a great ideas for any traveller. When you have an emergency on your hands these devices could become your lifesavers.

There are other types of boat electronics available for your vessel. Depending on the type of your rig what you wish to achieve should help you to decide what devices you need to have installed.

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Washington~Puget Sound Salmon Fishing Boat “Crusader”~Fishermen @ Work~c1960s Pc

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TACO Flexible Flex Vinyl Boat Rub Rail Kit Black with Insert 1-1/16″x11/16″ 50FT

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M&G Electronics Boat Switch Assembly 025-3982 | Wellcraft 252 Coastal 120 Volt

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Flying Gadgets 7008 RC Boat

With authentic scale details and trimmings, the 7008 Blue Streak Speedboat is the reason to go to the lake, preferably a large one as this speed boat can reach speeds of up to 30 kilometers per hour.
Simple 2 channel control means you have easy and forgiving control over the water, two large high performance electric brushed water cooled motors provide incredible thrust and turning ability and as a safety feature the boat will only work in water.
The Blue Streak can operate for up to 20 minutes and has a control distance of a full football pitch. A durable factory moulded hull with removable hatch allows easy access to the large capacity battery.

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New Gadgets at the PSP Southampton Boat Show

The PSP Southampton Boat Show is the perfect place to take a look at the very latest in marine technology

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Flying Gadgets 7000 Boat

Flying gadgets Fastest Electric 7000 RC Boat,Professional large torsion propeller and two powerful speed motors,The boat is powered by 380 type racing motor, which produces tremendous Power,Professional high-capacity rechargeable battery and quick battery charger,Make the boat running at high speed for a long time,full function radio controlled (forward, turn left and turn right),Professional torsion larger propeller,Handles rough water,The latest water cooling system,Powered by triple 550 type racing motors,High speed for rudder control for great maneuvering capabilities, Bright paint exterior.Aerodynamic ABS plastic body,Vector – Push design, easy to be controlled,100% metal activating mechanism, Professional hi – capacity rechargeable battery,Outdoor operating range up to 200 meters,Playing time: up to 15 minutes after four hours of charging
Product Description
The White Stealth Remote Control RC Racing Speedboat! The radio controlled electic powered Century EP RC Racing speed boat is blisteringly quick and slips through the water with excellent agility. It’s two dual 380 type air cooled racing motors power the single piece moulded hull allowing this Syma Century speed boat to give any R/C speed boat a run for it’s money. We highly recommend watching the video to see the performance of this boat! Features: Super Power, Fast Speed Professional Large Torsion Propeller Large Capacity Rechargeable Battery Powerful High Speed Motor Adjustable Rudder Air Cooling System for Motors Double Motor Drive System Specifications: Length: 750 mm Width: 196 mm Height: 180 mm Weight: approx. 1110 g Motor: SC380 Impetus Batteris: Ni-Cd 7.2V SC 1800 mAh Frequency: 27.145 MHz or 40.680MHz
Video Rating: / 5

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