Marine Electrics and Marine Electronics for Fishing and Sailing Boats, All You Need to Know.

Do You know how to recognize the signs of impending boat electrical failure?

Hello, I am John C Payne and many of you may possibly have one or more of my best selling marine electrical and electronics books. I am not an armchair expert! I am a qualified and practising marine electrical and electronics engineer, consultant and marine surveyor. I actually do this for a living. I also write many articles to assist you help yourself.

So where do you get started? Whether it’s a trailerable or sportfishing boat, yacht or sailing boat, there is a lot to know about marine electrics and marine electronics.

I get asked so many times about what is wrong and why its no good, and more importantly how to repair it. That is the reason why I have published more than 12 books to educate you on what to do.

No one needs to be a marine electronics guru to diagnose and repair your own marine electrical and electronics equipment!

There are many people out there who would like to confuse you or cloud the subject in jargon.

Whether you have problems with your trailer boat systems or sailing yacht lightning protection systems, or fishing boat engine batteries and trolling motors, or just simple marine electronics equipment, you will find the best solutions to your problems and get unbiased and practical advice here.

I have always been a boat owner like you. I have also constructed and also lived on board and extensively cruised sailing yachts, in addition have owned both motorboats and fishing boats. It is probable that your failures and problems have also happened to me as well.

Discover from my own experiences and get some real practical answers to your challenges. Look at one of my books, I promise you that you find solutions there.

You can find out how to restore your own boat electrical and electronics faults.

For many years I operated a marine electrical and electronics company, and have seen and probably made good most problems you will ever experience. If you need expert and unbiased advice, then this is the place to obtain it. I know what can occur out there on the sea. If I can stop you suffering any serious failures, then it has been worth the effort.

Having problems with your marine electronics and electrical systems is not a necessary evil when going fishing and boating, or sailing out on the ocean and equipment and systems reliability is really possible. You are supposed to have fun when going fishing and boating without stress.

I subscribe to the world famous keep it simple method for both marine electrical and electronics systems. If you really want your fishing, boating and sailing to be fun and not allow equipment breakdowns to ruin your day out fishing or sailing, you need to follow it.

All you need to know about marine electronics and electrical systems for sailing and fishing boats by America’s number one selling boating book author.

Do you need to know anything about marine electrical and electronics visit top selling boat book writer John C Payne’s website All You Need to Know about Sailboat and Fishing Boat systems. Free and practical advice on how to repair it yourself. Post your problem on the forum to connect with other boaters.
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Washington~Puget Sound Salmon Fishing Boat “Crusader”~Fishermen @ Work~c1960s Pc

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Some businesses face 20-30 percent decline if Puget Sound salmon fishing

Some businesses face 20-30 percent decline if Puget Sound salmon fishing
The possible closure of salmon fishing in Puget Sound this summer could have a ripple effect that would better resemble a tsunami. Some fishing-related businesses are predicting a 30 percent loss if the closure occurs, with some estimates putting the …
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Boat crew sees rare orca attack on gray whales in Puget Sound
“I think this is the third account of this type of interaction between the north Puget Sound gray whales and transients, and in the three decades I've been studying them, I haven't witnessed it myself,” said Cascadia's senior biologist John …
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State and tribes still at impasse on salmon fishing seasons; all of Puget
For the third time in less than two weeks, talks between the state and tribal fishery managers broke down to develop a joint plan for salmon fisheries in Puget Sound, and an unprecedented closure of sport fisheries is looming in marine areas after …
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Boating N Fishing around Cranberry Islands Maine sept 2012

Went to visit family in Islesford. It’s the Little Cranberry island. Took the tri hull over to the mainland near Bar Harbor and did some Mackerel fishing and…

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Wilderness Systems Offshore Fishing Kayak – Part 1

Wilderness Systems is excited to bring you the very first look at our newest innovation: a new kayak designed bow-to-stern as a true offshore performance boa…

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Cool Topwater Bass Fishing Strikes and Catches

Phoenix Boats president Gary Clouse also fishes professionally on the BASS Opens and PAA. We got in the boat this fall with him on Lake Eufaula and he talked…

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GIANT TARPON, 200 LBS +, FLORIDA – Fishing Adventurer with Cyril Chauquet

For more videos, go on ! Florida has the reputation of being the Sportfishing Capital of North America, a reputation which Cyril is abo…

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Frog Fishing

Getting it done with the hollow body frog is one of the more exciting ways to hook some big fish. Even when conditions aren’t ideal, look for the frog to be …

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Trout / Perch Fishing Rig with / for Powerbait / Gulp / Cut bait / Worms

Very simple rig, gig , setup for fishing trout or perch using a 3 way swivel How to make a simple tangle-free Rig Fishing The Complex by Kevin MacLeod (incom…

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Pike fishing with Deadbaits and Floats – The Totally Awesome Fishing Show

The Totally Awesome Fishing Show hits the water again! This time with their own “old school” technique showing you how to catch Pike using the twitched float…

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