2016 Water Sports Gear Guide: SP Gadgets Section Pistol Trigger

The SP Gadgets section pistol trigger set is a must-have for watersports photographers or videographers. Compatible with GoPro Hero3, Hero3+ and Hero4 cameras.

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Flying Gadgets 7008 RC Boat

With authentic scale details and trimmings, the 7008 Blue Streak Speedboat is the reason to go to the lake, preferably a large one as this speed boat can reach speeds of up to 30 kilometers per hour.
Simple 2 channel control means you have easy and forgiving control over the water, two large high performance electric brushed water cooled motors provide incredible thrust and turning ability and as a safety feature the boat will only work in water.
The Blue Streak can operate for up to 20 minutes and has a control distance of a full football pitch. A durable factory moulded hull with removable hatch allows easy access to the large capacity battery.

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New Gadgets at the PSP Southampton Boat Show

The PSP Southampton Boat Show is the perfect place to take a look at the very latest in marine technology

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Flying Gadgets 7000 Boat

Flying gadgets Fastest Electric 7000 RC Boat,Professional large torsion propeller and two powerful speed motors,The boat is powered by 380 type racing motor, which produces tremendous Power,Professional high-capacity rechargeable battery and quick battery charger,Make the boat running at high speed for a long time,full function radio controlled (forward, turn left and turn right),Professional torsion larger propeller,Handles rough water,The latest water cooling system,Powered by triple 550 type racing motors,High speed for rudder control for great maneuvering capabilities, Bright paint exterior.Aerodynamic ABS plastic body,Vector – Push design, easy to be controlled,100% metal activating mechanism, Professional hi – capacity rechargeable battery,Outdoor operating range up to 200 meters,Playing time: up to 15 minutes after four hours of charging
Product Description
The White Stealth Remote Control RC Racing Speedboat! The radio controlled electic powered Century EP RC Racing speed boat is blisteringly quick and slips through the water with excellent agility. It’s two dual 380 type air cooled racing motors power the single piece moulded hull allowing this Syma Century speed boat to give any R/C speed boat a run for it’s money. We highly recommend watching the video to see the performance of this boat! Features: Super Power, Fast Speed Professional Large Torsion Propeller Large Capacity Rechargeable Battery Powerful High Speed Motor Adjustable Rudder Air Cooling System for Motors Double Motor Drive System Specifications: Length: 750 mm Width: 196 mm Height: 180 mm Weight: approx. 1110 g Motor: SC380 Impetus Batteris: Ni-Cd 7.2V SC 1800 mAh Frequency: 27.145 MHz or 40.680MHz
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Luxury yachts and bond-style gadgets at London Boat Show

London, UK, January 12, 2013
1. Mid top pan of luxury motor cruisers inside the London Boat Show
2. Wide top view of smaller speedboats
3. Mid shot of potential buyer checking the specification of speed boat
4. Mid shot of cruiser hulls
5. SOUNDBITE: (English), Howard Pridding, CEO, British Marine Federation
“The home market is tough, this has been a long recession, it’s gone much longer than we’d all anticipated, but the home market is still consistent, people are grinding out sales in the UK market and of course boat shows are a barometer.”
6. Wide half pan of the Sunseeker 115 sports yacht costing .5 million (USD)
7. Various of couple sitting in the lounge of the luxury yacht watching television pop up
8. Close of dinner service
9. Wide pan left of dinner table
10. Close of books on coffee table
11. Various of lounge on luxury yacht
12. Close of flower arrangement
13. Wide of dining table in front of mirror and flowers
14. Wide shot through wheelhouse window of Sunseeker managing director Stewart McIntyre walking up hull to wheelhouse
15. Close of navigation screen on control panel
16. SOUNDBITE: (English), Stewart McIntyre, managing director, Sunseeker
“We’ve seen significant growth in 2012 in Brazil and we’re seeing countries like Angola, Nigeria, other places begin to have their nationals buying boats. They may not be keeping them in their domestic country but they are buying boats and keeping them in the Mediterranean.”
17. Various close of monitor on control panel showing people arriving on the top deck
18. Close of compass
19. SOUNDBITE: (English), Stewart McIntyre, managing director, Sunseeker
“We see it very strongly, we’ve increased staff numbers, we’re increasing output, we’ve increased the speed at which we build some of these boats and the tack time of our lines and we’re seeing and showing growth for 2013 and 2014 and in fact the advance order we have for 2014 is as good as it’s ever been.”
20. Wide of one of the double bedrooms on luxury yacht
21. Pan of bedroom
22. Wide of designer bathroom on yacht
23. Close of designer taps
24. Mid shot through door of a twin bedroom
25. Close of stacked champagne glasses in boat show hall
26. Various of people at champagne bar
27. Mid of people on top deck of cruiser
28. Wide of second hand yachts in dock outside
29. Wide of second hand yacht
30. Wide pan off people walking in show to hull of speedboat
31. Mid of speedboat hulls
32. Various of boat show visitor trying out jet pack flyer on JetLev-Flyer stand
33. Various of jet pack expert outside demonstrating how to fly the JetLev-Flyer
34. SOUNDBITE: (English), Gary Miller, marketing and sales manager, JetLev-Flier UK
“It’s very much James Bond, but I think that’s the attraction because I think most kids today, in fact most men today want to be James Bond, so part of my brief is to get it into the next James bond film.”
35. Various of young men looking at jetskis on a stand
36. Various of freestyle jetski champion Jack Moule doing acrobatics on the river outside show
37. Wide pan of people watching launch of new boat inside the show (inside, shots 7 – 13, 20-24)
38. Various of four times Olympic gold medallist Sir Ben Ainslie talking to sailing enthusiast with his young son
39. SOUNDBITE: (English), Sir Ben Ainslie, sailor, winner of four Olympic gold medals
“Through the Olympics last year certainly we saw a big increase in turnout of youngsters getting into the sport I think up to 50 percent in the immediate aftermath of the Olympics which is fantastic for the sport and of course now everyone talks about the legacy of 2012 and we need to keep that pushing forwards.”
40. Close of Super Ventura on luxury car stand

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SSTV 1-26 – New Boat technologies and Gadgets

John and Bert bring the excitement of the Miami International Boat Show to boaters and feature many new gadgets and technologies in boating.

For more episodes visit:
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Find Necessary Travel Accessories and Gadgets Australia

Our journeys and trips are a lot safer and more comfortable when we bring all the necessary travel accessories and gadgets Australia. Find quality products to make your travels more enjoyable.
The truth is that as an inexperienced traveler it might not be a very simple task to find quality travel accessories and gadgets Australia. Quality and necessity are two criteria of selection that should guide you along the research process. As usually, online platforms are very resourceful and can help you come across relevant links for travel accessories and gadgets Australia. When you visit these links pay careful attention to several details to ensure that deal with a serious contractor.
Travel accessories and gadgets online might include items that are specific for certain types of expeditions and journeys. If you are a businessman, traveling first class by air you might not require the same things as someone traveling by train, and who plans having a camping experience. There are a few items that are necessary for most travelers, while others meet specific needs. Traveling bags are among the common essential items. The brand can always give you an idea about the quality, as well as detailed descriptions and professional close up photos.
You can find travel accessories and gadget for adults, but also for children and pets. Baby playpens, prams and strollers are some of the useful items you should consider when traveling with your little ones. Pet carrier bags or playpens are also very helpful when you take your friend in an expedition. There are products that ensure your comfort and safety during your journey, and others that you can make use of once your reach your traveling destination. For example, camping hiking tools, compasses, lanterns and lights are designed to suit those who will wander around natural surroundings. Some contractors might even add furniture items to the list of available travel accessories and gadgets online. Cookers, air bed mattress, chairs, sofa beds, solar power fountains might considerably increase the level of comfort for some travelers.
Some travelers never forget to bring a portable toilet with them on their trip and all types of shelters. You might even find accessories and equipment for boating and kayaking with some of these contractors. Reviews from previous clients can also help you determine the quality of the products, or go on forums where people discuss travel accessories brands and experiences. Before you add travel accessories and gadgets online to your virtual cart you must read terms and conditions section. Also get informed about what happens in case you want to return the product. Shipping policies are also important, and don’t forget to ask about the warrantees. You’ll find a lot of useful ideas and tips to be better equipped for your next expeditions, once you visit specialized sites, and nonetheless quality products. So, enjoy your browsing, and most of all, enjoy a more comfortable and pleasant journey and trip with reliable trip accessories providers.
Find top quality travel accessories and gadgets Australia at: travel accessories and gadgets Australia ( and make sure that all your traveling companions will be ready for the trip with: travel accessories and gadgets online (

Find top quality travel accessories and gadgets Australia at: travel accessories and gadgets Australia ( and make sure that all your traveling companions will be ready for the trip with: travel accessories and gadgets online (
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Latest Gear & Gadgets From The Annapolis Boat Show

BoatUS Magazine editors wandered the 42nd Annual U.S. Powerboat Show In Annapolis, Maryland, to find cool boats, gear, and gadgets. Here’s what caught their eye.
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