How to Do Florida: Boating Safety

Be an educated boater. Be safe. A ride-along with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission is a quick course in boating responsibility
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Mary Lambert – No Up and Down In the Boat (Boating Safety)

Mary Lambert – No Up and Down In the Boat (Boating Safety)
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Boating Safety Tips

Boating safety is an issue of great importance for people who spend a lot of time on the water. Once you’ve passed the required boat test and received your necessary boating license, you can focus on the different elements of in-boat safety. A boating safety course is wise to take so you can get the training necessary to stay safe on the water and make the most of your boat licence. Any boating license Ontario centre can steer you in the right direction to take a safety test along with your regular boating course exam. Some of the topics you’ll learn about in boating safety course include the minimum amount of safety equipment allowed on your boat, how you should respond to emergencies on the water and other applicable regulations.

One important aspect of boating safety is to always be prepared before you take your boating license and head out onto the water. Inspect your boat well so you know all the equipment is in working order, and check the weather report for your area, too. Let someone know where you’ll be going and be sure to bring enough fuel to get you there and back. Once the boat is ready to go, double-check that you have your boat licence and go practice all the things you’ve learned from your boat test.

One thing your boating license Ontario safety test will stress is to wear a life jacket at all times when you’re out on the water. About 90 % of people who drown while recreational boating did not have a life jacket on at the time. Every person on the boat should have a life jacket, so if the whole boat were to sink for some reason everyone would be safe. Your boating license Ontario tests will show you the proper types of floating devices to carry on your boat for optimum safety. It’s also wise to avoid bringing alcohol on your boat as a means of boating safety. Drinking and boating is illegal just as drinking and driving a car is illegal. Your blood alcohol must be under the legal limit or every boating course you’ve taken may be wasted. You’ll learn about alcohol and boating in your boat test, and your boating license will show authorities that you’ve learned the laws.

Driving slowly in your boat is a must for boating safety, so you can avoid dangerous collisions and potential injury. The boating license Ontario testing you do will highlight safe boating speeds as part of the overall boating course. If you decide to boat in a commercial waterway, keep a safe distance away from large vessels to avoid any problems. Large boats are unable to change direction as quickly, and may have trouble seeing you at all. Ask questions at your boating license Ontario office if you’re unsure of how much distance is a safe distance. When your boating course has been completed and your boating license is securely in hand, try your best to obey all of the safety tips so you can have a safe and fun boating experience.

Need to pass your boat licence? Learn what you need to know to stay safe on the water.
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Free boating safety class April 2

Free boating safety class April 2
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Mississippi River Project announces they will be offering the first opportunity for the public to attend a free boating safety education class this Saturday, April 2nd. The class will run from 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. This …
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Boating safety class on April 16
LAKE HOPATCONG — Be ready early for the 2016 boating season and take a course on April 16 to obtain the New Jersey Boating Safety Certificate (NJ BSC), required to operate a power boat or jet ski (PWC) legally on New Jersey inland waterways. Boating …
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Boating Safety Bill Becomes Law
Florida HB427 is a law we can believe in. It incentivizes boaters for taking demonstrable safety measures; specifically, boaters who purchase an emergency locator beacon, like a PLB or EPIRB, will receive a discount on boat registration fees. Read the …
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The Boating Safety Code – 5 Simple rules

The Boating Safety Code - 5 Simple rules

We need to be aware of the five simple rules of the boating safety code.

1. LIFEJACKETS.. TAKE THEM — WEAR THEM Make sure everyone on board is wearing a lifejacket

2. SKIPPER RESPONSIBILITY Your responsibilities as a skipper

3. COMMUNICATIONS Make sure you have the means to communicate if you get into trouble

4. MARINE WEATHER Always check the marine weather forecast before you go out

5. AVOID ALCOHOL Alcohol and safe boating do not mix you need to be alert and aware

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Boating Safety – Gilbert MIddle School

Law Enforcement officers from the SC Department of Natural Resources are canvasing the state to ensure safety among youth on our lakes and waterways.

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US Coast Guard offers boating safety tips

The Coast Guard offered tips on the importance of wearing a life jacket and spoke about the dangers of drinking and boating. WMTW News 8’s Norm Karkos reports.

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Boating Safety – BoatUS Foundation

Before you get out on the water we have couple of tips to make your trip smoother and safer. We’re giving you guidance on how to judge the weather, navigate …

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Boating Safety Violations – What Officers Look For This Boat-Ed safety course video interviews officers who talk about what boating safety violations they look for on the water such as…

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