The Lake of Misfortune – P 1/2 – Episode 5

The story begins with an uneventful encounter of two boys who are boating in a lake. Three months later, Riya and her family have come for a vacation in a cottage beside the same lake. Rachna’s fear of water prevents her from joining her family in the lake. While sitting by the lake with her legs immersed in water, she feels somebody grabbing at her leg. Riya then runs into a bizarre man who reveals to her the secret behind the haunting tune she has been hearing lately. He warns her to stay away from the island which is situated in the middle of the lake. Despite the man’s warnings, Riya and her siblings fray into the lake. Will they survive? – Keep watching tofind out! Everybody likes a good ghost story. We have all been brought up on a diet of thrilling ghost stories since our childhood. The irony of a good ghost story is that we love to get scared. A good horror story is one which makes us watch it with closed eyes, steals our sleep for many nights, gives us a lump that cannot be swallowed and above all it sends a killing chill through the spine. Aahat is a hardcore horror show with sophisticated special effects, stunts, imaginative getups, outdoors locations and cameo castings. Each story will focus on a larger than life evil. The show will cover the entire realm of the supernatural – Ghosts, ghouls, goblins, zombies, haunted houses, ghost towns, possessed objects, witches and wizards, evil magicians, revenge stories, re incarnation stories and much more than the mind

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